If you need to transport chemicals by road (or any other goods that could be harmful to people, property or the environment), then you’ll need to follow ADR rules in almost every UN member nation

This article explains the ADR classification system, the rules surrounding chemical transport and the impact that Brexit might have on current ADR standards.

What does ADR mean?

ADR is a set of rules, drawn up over 60 years ago, that govern the safe transport of chemicals and other hazardous substances travelling by road. Whenever you see a diamond-shaped symbol on the back of a trailer, you’re looking at an ADR classification. The ADR system is  designed to clearly show when a truck is carrying anything that is flammable, poisonous, corrosive, radioactive or otherwise harmful. 

The international treaties concerning ADR don’t just cover the labelling and classification of chemicals – they also cover the safe handling and transport of those goods on the road network in Ireland, the UK, continental Europe and many other countries around the globe. Drivers need special training to transport ADR-restricted chemicals, and the trailers need to be loaded, unloaded and packed in accordance with strict safety protocols.

Where can I find out more about ADR?

You can find out more about the ADR classes that Baku GLS can transport on our chemical transport services page

The HSA have produced an in-depth guide called “Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road – A Guide For Business”. The 100-page document gives a thorough explanation of how ADR regulations affect Irish businesses – you can download the full document here.

ADR Carriage post-Brexit: what will change? 

Our prediction is that – for chemicals travelling on UK roads after Brexit Day – ADR rules will continue to apply, simply because there’s no benefit to moving away from these safety standards. From a practical perspective, every road tunnel in the UK has already been classified according to ADR rules, and the ADR-standard pictograms are recognised by all British HGV drivers and emergency response services. What’s more, ADR classifications are governed by the UN, not the EU, so there should be little political appetite to move away from these standards as a result of Brexit. Just in case, we’re keeping an eye on the UK Government’s ‘Transporting Dangerous Goods’ page, and we recommend that our clients do the same. 

Baku GLS: Your ADR Transport Experts

At Baku GLS, we’re fully trained and certified to safely handle and transport a wide range of chemicals and hazardous substances. Take a look at the ADR classifications we can transport and give us a call on 00 353 53 9161786 to learn more.