The Baku GLS fleet has expanded again! In response to rising demand from our Engineering & General Cargo customers, we’ve taken delivery of another 15 brand new curtainsiders, adding an additional c. 1,300 cubic meters of capacity to our fleet.

15 Brand New Euroliners 

We purchased these trailers brand-new from Schmitz Cargobull in Germany, the world’s leading trailer manufacturers. Each trailer is packed with features that help it perform both on the road and at the depot. A roll-formed steel chassis gives it added structural strength, while an aerodynamic rear offers a lower drag coefficient. When it comes to loading and unloading, there’s non-slip flooring throughout, and each trailer also features removable side boards to keep cargo secure on the road without compromising on the ability to load & unload from both sides when our drivers are at the depot.

Sliding roof for loading by crane

These Euroliners are a great trailer for general palletised cargo, but they can handle much more than that. Each trailer has a sliding roof, making it perfect for clients in the construction, engineering and agriculture sectors. With the sliding roof, heavy machinery and other goods that can’t be easily loaded by gantry or forklift can be simply craned in from above, enabling our trucks to get back out on the road faster. 

Available for full load & groupage

We’ve already started to put these new trailers to work. Right now, all 15 trailers are on the road, moving cargo to destinations across Ireland, the UK and continental Europe. These curtainsiders are best for transporting dry goods, construction materials and heavy machinery, but we also have dual fridges and double decker box trailers that are ready to go. Whatever you need to transport, we can help you. Find out more about our transport services, and discover our fleet.