Your Go-To for Refrigerated Transport

Rely on Baku GLS for secure, efficient, and real-time monitored temperature-controlled logistics. Our modern fleet and trained staff ensure your goods arrive just as they should — perfect.

What We Offer

  • Dual Climate Control: Ship mixed goods effortlessly. Our advanced trailers maintain different temperature zones in one trip.
  • Cost-Effective: Maximize your load and save money with our double-floor cooling units.
  • Live Tracking: Always know your cargo’s temperature and location with our real-time monitoring system.
  • 24/7 Security: Rest easy knowing our alarms and dedicated team offer round-the-clock protection for your cargo.

What We Handle

  • Frozen Foods: From manufacturer to market, trust us for flawless frozen goods transport.
  • Our dual temperature fridges allow us to maintain two separate freezer temperatures or a part-frozen, part refrigerated loads, depending on your requirements.
  • Fresh Produce & Chilled Goods: Keep your farm-fresh produce vibrant, dairy, and meats chilled to perfection.
  • Pharma & Healthcare: We can maintain medicines at the precise temperature they need for a full transcontinental voyage if required. Our dual-compartment fridges also help to reduce transport costs by enabling clients to move goods at two temperatures on the same trailer.
  • Chemical Transport: – We’re certified to carry almost every ADR classification of goods; when you need to transport temperature-sensitive chemicals, our highly trained drivers will treat your cargo with the precise care and attention it deserves
  • Specialized Materials: We understand how a variation of just a few degrees in temperature can have a big impact on the lifespan of materials like uncured carbon fibre composite.  That’s why our fridge temperature and trailer integrity is monitored 24/7 as standard.

Talk to Baku about Refrigerated Transport

We’re experts in refrigerated transport. Talk to us about your temperature requirements and we’ll put together a competitive quote.