It’s all about our customer

We’ve fine-tuned our policies, processes and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)  over nearly two decades to come up with a Quality Management System that truly protects and supports our clients.

Built completely around customer satisfaction, our QMS ensures minimum standards of Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety on every project. Our QMS is continually reviewed and updated to ensure an industry-leading standard of service.

A fully connected team

We minimise delays on thousands of journeys every day by feeding our fleet’s real-time location and security data straight into head office. We also operate a transparent internal communications protocol to keep our diverse team of fleet mechanics, warehouse operatives, customs specialists, import & export planners and accounting experts updated on client’s shipments throughout the day.

Modern equipment

We maintain a modern fleet of trucks and trailers, ensuring that every shipment we send goes out on a reliable, efficient and capable vehicle. By investing in the very best dual fridges and modern trucks, and by training our drivers in sustainability, we also reduce our carbon footprint and work towards a more environmentally sustainable future.

High safety standards

When you’re transporting heavy and hazardous goods on a daily basis, it’s vital to minimise the risks to your team. That’s why everyone — from our head office staff to our drivers — is given training and support in the latest safety standards, and it’s why our trailers are monitored and alarmed 24/7.


Regular auditing & iteration

We follow a CAPA (Corrective Action, Preventive Action) based Continuous Improvement Process Plan, which helps us learn from every challenge we face, and build in new processes to avoid the likelihood of future problems. We carry out regular internal and external audits to ensure that every part of Baku’s service is of the highest possible standard.

Our QMS works.

For us, Quality Management isn’t about ticking a corporate box — it’s about playing to a rulebook that puts the client’s interests first. Our QMS is a vital part of our day-to-day operations. It’s how we’re able to deliver goods safely, securely and on-time for 1,700 customers across the globe. It’s how we’re able to achieve such high industry accreditations. It’s how we’re able to improve our service every year, even after more than 18 years in the sector.