Keep it moving with customs expertise from Baku GLS

When you’re paying a premium for the fastest shipping method, you should expect the fastest possible delivery time. Our airfreight customs service is focused on speed — we’ll get your customs paperwork in order so that you can minimise your inspection rates and enjoy swift customs clearance times.

Air Freight customs brokerage

We can act as the first point of contact with the relevant customs authority, and keep your cargo moving with minimal delays or confusion, either acting as brokers ourselves or working with our trusted network of international  customs brokers.

Swift customs clearance

We check every element of your paperwork, from tariff codes to commercial invoices to inventories and local exchange rates. Our goal is for your goods to leave the destination airport as quickly as they arrived at the port of origin.

Airfreight services we offer:

  • Air Freight Security Certified Drivers
  • International Customs Compliance Expertise
  • Airfreight Worldwide
  • Door-Door Service
  • Express / Courier / Direct Deliveries
  • Export / Import Customs Clearance
  • Non-EU Import Consultancy