Customs for Irish Import and Export

Whether you’re importing or exporting to/from Ireland, Baku GLS are uniquely placed to help you stay compliant with Irish Customs & Excise at every step. Our experienced team of transport professionals have worked in this industry for decades — we’re transport experts who know how to keep your cargo moving with minimal delays or confusion.

Importing Goods Into Ireland

With head offices in the Republic of Ireland and more than 1,700 transport clients, we have an exhaustive knowledge of Irish Import regulations. Whether you’re importing foods, agricultural goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or unusual project cargo, we’ll use our expertise to get your goods to their final destination in the fastest possible time.

Exporting Irish Goods

We’ve been supporting Irish exporters for the best part of 20 years. Whether you’re trying to navigate the new UK/EU regulatory framework or need to honour challenging supply chain commitments overseas, our export customs experience will ensure that your goods can leave Ireland with all of the paperwork needed for the customs officials at its final destination.

Keeping ahead of international developments customs climate

Customs tariffs, regulations and restrictions are an ever-moving target. We invest heavily in our in-house customs knowledge so that we’re ready for global customs changes as-and-when they happen. When our clients have questions that fall outside of our area of expertise, we work with a trusted network of international customs experts to get them the answers they need.