As the Baku GLS business grows, so does our fleet!

We bought ourselves some brand-new MAN TGX trucks at the start of 2019, and after 6 months on the road, these trucks continue to deliver exceptional levels of performance, fuel economy and reliability.

Environmentally Sustainable Transport

One of the reasons we chose to purchase brand new MAN TGX trucks this year was for the exceptional sustainability metrics these vehicles can deliver. Everything about these vehicles is designed with fuel efficiency in mind. On the outside, the design of the truck’s aerodynamic chassis offers a low drag coefficient – perfect for fuel efficiency on long-haul journeys – and also helps to cool the machinery when travelling at high speeds on Europe’s road network. Under the bonnet, MAN’s TipMatic® gearbox and EfficientCruise® cruise control technology feeds off data like the weight of the trailer, the incline of the road and a constant stream of GPS information to calculate the most efficient gear transitions, helping  our drivers to burn up to 6% less fuel per journey.

Industry Leading Performance

The TGX’s low fuel consumption is certainly helping us to meet our sustainability goals this year, but there’s more to these vehicles than fuel economy. The trucks have hydraulic front-axle drives, and their powerful, high-torque engines are incredibly reliable, which has helped us to spend less time on maintenance and more time in transit. From our drivers’ perspective, visibility is a priority, and the TGX’s mirror positioning and onboard cameras have been invaluable.

The Latest Technology

We bought these trucks new, so they’ve got the very latest features on the road. Every new MAN TGX truck is equipped with the latest telematics technology and BrakeMatic (MAN’s holistic braking system). The trucks also have a feature called LGS (Lane Guard System) to support lane discipline on busy foreign roads.

Driver Training

To achieve the highest levels of fuel efficiency from our new trucks, we needed to train up our driver team on how each new feature works. Donna Whelan, our Driver Trainer, travelled to the Pon Academy in Nijmegen, Netherlands and learned everything there is to know about every new feature on the MAN TGX — over the past 6 months, Donna has spent months passing this invaluable knowledge onto our driver team, and our fuel efficiency ratings continue to improve as a result.

Investing in Our Fleet

As our business grows, we’re determined to expand the fleet in an environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient, sustainable manner. That’s why we purchased these trucks brand new. For our money, these MAN TGXs are the safest, smoothest and most energy efficient trucks on the road. Find out more about our fleet  and our sustainability targets, or click here to get in touch.