The Baku Brexit Hub

Your resource for the transport and logistics questions posed by Brexit

Your resource for Brexit questions

This is a time of great uncertainty across Europe. Brexit Day is nearly upon us, and our leaders in the EU and the UK are still negotiating the basics of a Brexit deal. Those of us in the transport and logistics industries have been left guessing about what’s around the corner. In the absence of solid signed agreements, reliable information about Brexit’s likely impact on border delays and customs delays has been hard to come by, and even harder to rely on. That’s why we’ve set up the Baku Brexit Hub.

No matter what comes out of these Brexit negotiations, some simple facts of life won’t change. Trucks will move cargo in and out of Ireland, the UK and Europe. Pallets will cross oceans. Goods will travel. As a business, and as an industry, we all need to be ready. The Baku Brexit Hub is here to help. It’s a resource with one simple mission: to help our clients and partners to understand what’s happening, what’s likely to happen and what we — as a business — are doing to get ready.

At Baku, our motto is “Delivering Excellence – first time, every time”. It’s a motto we’re determined to live by, today, tomorrow and long after 31 October 2019. We’ve fought hard to earn our reputation for delivering products safely, securely and on-time, and our commitment to our customers and partners won’t be changed by Brexit.

On the pages that follow, you’ll find information on customs, key dates for Brexit and more information about Baku’s Brexit team. If you have any questions about Brexit, we want to help you answer them. Please let us know by contacting us here.

We hope the Baku Brexit Hub helps you to plan your business activities for the future, both before and after Brexit Day.

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Mary Mullins
Business Development Manager
Project Cargo & Customs Specialist

September 2019

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