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Welcome to Baku – We Are The Transport People

Our number one priority is the safety and security of your goods and products, from arrival into our care, to delivery to the end user.

It is our job to deliver your products safely, securely and on-time,  every-time.  We build trust with our clients, and ensure confidence in our performance. Our team offers a personal, flexible service. We get to know you, not just your freight.

All of our staff are specially trained to ensure your products are in safe hands.

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  • Self-Driven Vehicles

    The advent of self-driving vehicles is gearing up to be a major game changer across all transport industries. The freight and supply chain industry, in particular, could see radical changes if the new technology becomes widely implemented. This article reports on the use of self-driving vehicles in road freight transportation and examines how this technology […]

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  • New EU Labour Proposal to Affect Drivers Pay

    On the 31st May, the EU announced a new labour proposal designed to prevent drivers from lower-wage countries from undercutting better paid workers when they travel to other member states.   Under the Commission’s new proposal, truck drivers can travel outside the EU member state where they live and still be paid according to their […]

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  • Diesel Usage – Problems and Solutions

    Diesel usage is an area where most Transport companies constantly strive to cut costs on. It is the biggest single cost to Haulage Firms, with an average of over 30% of total costs being fuel expenditure. Every Haulage firm targets this area in an effort to reduce costs, with the vast majority of firms daily […]

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  • Avoiding the hard border – is direct shipping the answer?

        There is a cloud of uncertainty hanging over many Irish transport firms these days. This stems from the previously-discussed Brexit result, which leaves the Transport industry in Ireland with some major problems. The potential Hard Border between the UK and Ireland would have a massive negative impact on Irish Transport, and the Irish […]

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  • Driver Shortage in the Industry

    The Truck Driver Shortage   There is no doubt that a career as a HGV driver is one of the most unattractive career paths that one can take at present. There is a huge amount of negatives to being a truck driver, and few, if any, incentives to pursue a career as a HGV driver. […]

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  • What are the possible implications of Brexit for the haulage industry?

    Whatever the outcome of the various negotiations that are currently being undertaken by Great Britain, Ireland and the EU, it is without doubt that Brexit has already had a profound impact on the transport industry, and will continue to have a massive effect on the state of the industry across the EU. However, it has […]

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  • Cork Port – Containers to Cruise liners

    In 2016 the volume of traffic through Cork Port decreased slightly from 2015 traffic reaching 9.2million tonnes. Imports remained steady whilst export figures decreased slightly mainly due to the closure of Lissheen Mines, and the halt of exporting lead and zinc through the port. Whilst the container traffic figures are encouraging, there was an impressive […]

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  • Fundraising 2016

    Hi Everyone, In November 2016 our Export Manager Wayne took part in a sponsored cycle from Limerick to Rosslare Harbour, along with Cannice McNay from JPG Freight Adare, and Peter Harding from Peter Harding International, Havefordwest and members of The Fishguard and District Round table. Wayne and Cannice raised just under €4500 for the Jack […]

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  • Trailerlock – What is it and what does it do?

    It’s a simple system consisting of a steel case, an anchoring bolt, a security bolt and a wrench. It anchors the door-locking handle to the frame of a trailer, and is tamper proof- making it impossible to gain unauthorised access to your vehicle. No modifications are required for installation and it’s designed to fit most […]

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