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Welcome to Baku – We Are The Transport People

Our number one priority is the safety and security of your goods and products, from arrival into our care, to delivery to the end user.

It is our job to deliver your products safely, securely and on-time,  every-time.  We build trust with our clients, and ensure confidence in our performance. Our team offers a personal, flexible service. We get to know you, not just your freight.

All of our staff are specially trained to ensure your products are in safe hands.

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    Phil gets the Silver Standard

    Baku GLS now hold the TruckSafe Silver Standard   We’re proud to announce that Phil Cassidy, Baku’s Fleet Manager, formally accepted FTA Ireland’s TruckSafe Silver Standard in the FTA’s headquarters in Dublin this morning.   The TruckSafe Silver Standard is acknowledgement of Baku’s constant mission to deliver the highest standards of safety and driver competence […]

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  • Opportunities for Irish Ports: becoming the goods gateway to the EU

    One of the areas of concern for us here at Baku GLS is how Brexit might affect trade between Ireland and Continental Europe. There’s a chance that — from 29th March 2019 — it will become simpler (and potentially faster and cheaper) to avoid the UK’s road network completely and transport goods by sea, using […]

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  • The Commercial Invoice’s role as a Customs Document

    One thing is certain: from 29 March 2019, the UK will become a non-EU country. Based on current EU regulations, this means that every trailer carrying goods from the UK could be legally subject to checks at the Irish border. Considering how we deal with non-EU customs at the moment, we predict that the commercial […]

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  • Transport Industry Wheels

    The Baku Transport Confidence Index

    In the build-up to Brexit, we’re inviting all transport industry professionals to share their opinions on the upcoming trade discussions as part of Brexit. Whether you’re on the road or in the office, senior management or apprentice, in the UK, Ireland or Europe, we want to hear your thoughts. We’ll be posting a new survey […]

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  • 10 Downing Street

    What if the UK becomes a ‘Third Country’?

    In the event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, the UK will fall back on WTO agreed rules, effectively becoming a ‘Third Country’ in terms of how it is classed when importing and exporting to/from the EU. In the long run, this shouldn’t cause any major problems for the transport industry, but it could cause problems […]

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  • Cost Modelling Brexit

    Cost modelling for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit

    As Theresa May tours the UK & EU to promote and explain the 585 page draft withdrawal agreement this week, we look at what transport businesses can do now to prepare for a ‘No Deal’ outcome on 29 March 2019. If the UK leaves the EU without a legal framework in place, the only thing […]

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  • Self-Driven Vehicles

    The advent of self-driving vehicles is gearing up to be a major game changer across all transport industries. The freight and supply chain industry, in particular, could see radical changes if the new technology becomes widely implemented. This article reports on the use of self-driving vehicles in road freight transportation and examines how this technology […]

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  • New EU Labour Proposal to Affect Drivers Pay

    On the 31st May, the EU announced a new labour proposal designed to prevent drivers from lower-wage countries from undercutting better paid workers when they travel to other member states.   Under the Commission’s new proposal, truck drivers can travel outside the EU member state where they live and still be paid according to their […]

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  • Diesel Usage – Problems and Solutions

    Diesel usage is an area where most Transport companies constantly strive to cut costs on. It is the biggest single cost to Haulage Firms, with an average of over 30% of total costs being fuel expenditure. Every Haulage firm targets this area in an effort to reduce costs, with the vast majority of firms daily […]

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