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a) This document does not constitute establishment by Bakugls Ltd. of an account. Confirmation of an account being sanctioned will be by separate letter if credit facilities are granted.
b) All business carried out by Bakugls Ltd. is subject to the Company’s printed Conditions of Trading which are supplied upon request.
c) Bakugls Ltd. operates with a limited liability. The current liability limit is 2 SDR’s per Kilogram.
d) We cannot insure or accept for transport any goods that are not properly packed for transportation. However, your own Insurance Underwriters may agree to insure such goods. In such case, Bakugls Ltd. may accept the goods but are not held responsible for any ensuing claims.
e) Payment of Freight Invoices cannot be withheld against any outstanding Insurance claim.
f) Credit Terms are strictly thirty days from the last day of the month in which invoice (s) are raised.
g) Credit facilities may be withdrawn at any time, without notice, should the facilities be abused. I / we declare that the information supplied herein is correct and I / we have read and understood the Conditions of Trading and agree with same. I / we undertake to comply with the Conditions and Credit Terms as contained in this document.