Baku’s in-house Brexit experts

We’re building a centre of excellence within Baku GLS so that we’re ready for Brexit Day. We’ve appointed a Brexit Team, charged with understanding the most important issues raised by Brexit, and preparing our business and our clients  accordingly. Meeting regularly, attending national briefings and offering clarity, direction and training to the rest of the team at Baku, each member of the Brexit Team is an expert in their field.

Mary Mullins, Clients & Capability

A tenacious transport expert, Mary has personally delivered thousands of successful transport projects across almost every international border on earth. Mary continues to champion the client side of our Brexit preparations, personally attending customs briefings and department of agriculture meetings, and raising the concerns of our clients and partners. Mary’s research is helping our clients stay ahead of the game in terms of Brexit.

Mary continues to lead our in-house training, development and support programmes so that our customer satisfaction and performance targets continue to be met in the post-Brexit period

Michael Doyle, Contingency

As MD, Michaels’ mission is for Baku GLS and its customers to be able to meet Brexit Day with optimism and confidence. Michael has personally met with key players in the UK, European and Irish Governments, and has consulted with leading legal, customs & compliance experts to get a thorough understanding of this developing situation. Michael is driving Brexit contingency planning within Baku, making sure that we recommend the best routes, plan the most practical pallet load configurations and deliver the most cost-effective transport solutions both before and after Brexit.

Donal Moran, Continuity

Our company accountant Donal is heading up the systems and finance aspects of Brexit, making sure that the vital in-house aspects of our service, from telematics & GPS to compliance to international payments, all continue to work seamlessly irrespective of the changes that will occur as a part of Brexit.

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If you have a question for our Brexit team, we want to hear from you. Send us an email or fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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