What Baku GLS are doing to get ready for Brexit


As a business, we’re taking a number of steps to prepare for every possible eventuality surrounding Brexit. Whatever Brexit looks like, we’re confident that we’ll be ready and can continue to offer the highest standards of service to our clients.

What We’re Doing

Authorised Economic Operators (AEO “Trusted Trader” Status)

We have been awarded the prestigious AEO (Approved Economic Operator) status. This ‘Trusted Trader’ standard will show authorities in the UK and the EU that we have met the highest safety, security, systems and compliance standards in the industry. Our research has shown us that AEO status offers the best possible chances of seamless border transitions post-Brexit. Find out more here.

Temporary Storage Facility Status

We can now offer Temporary Storage Facility services to our clients. Our approved Temporary Storage Facility status means we can hold third country and non-EU goods, not yet cleared by customs, in our Rosslare warehouse for up to 90 days.

Authorised Consignee & Authorised Consignor Status

We have been approved for both Authorised Consignor status and Authorised Consignee status, which should reduce our fleet’s exposure to customs delays post-Brexit. As Authorised Consignors and Consignees, we can send and receive customs-controlled goods without presenting each item to the customs office directly, and our customs paperwork can be submitted electronically through the Government’s New Computerised Transit System (NCTS).

Hiring & Training the Best People 

We’ve invested in our people so that we’re ready for whatever Brexit might throw at us. We’ve hired extra staff to handle the increased workload we’re expecting in the period immediately following Brexit Day, and we’re training our staff in the latest customs procedures. 5 members of the Baku GLS team are now fully trained in Skillnet Ireland’s “Clear Customs” programme.

IT & Systems Investment

Every part of our current operational framework, whether that’s import/export transaction logging, route planning or storage administration, is being reviewed and upgraded in preparation for Brexit. Our transport management software and logging systems is being upgraded in readiness for 2019.

Industry Research & Leadership

We’ve hired customs specialists, trawled through hundreds of pages of Government documentation and personally attended all the relevant Brexit conferences. So much is still uncertain, but we know the questions to ask and we’re positioned to find the relevant solutions to each problem as it arises.

What We Can’t Do Yet

Give Full Load Quotes for Feb 2020 and beyond 

It’s unprecedented to find ourselves in a position where, as transport people, we can’t quote a Full Load price that’s valid for 6 months’ time. Until there’s more legislative clarity from the UK and EU Governments, our quotes are valid until Brexit Day.

Give Formal Customs Advice 

As part of our preparations for Brexit, we’ve invested heavily in our export customs knowledge. We believe that we’re fast becoming customs export experts, and we’re happy to give informal advice to our customers and partners, and share what we’ve learned on our website and email briefings. We’re not yet in a position to make formal recommendations.

Learn more about Baku’s Brexit Preparations

Have you got additional questions about how Baku is preparing for Brexit? Take a look at our Brexit FAQ page or contact the Baku Brexit Team to learn more.