Get answers to common Transport Industry questions on Brexit

Our clients have already been in contact with us on a number of Brexit-related concerns and questions. Our answers to the most common Brexit questions will be published here and updated on an ongoing basis in the run-up to Brexit Day.

Q: How much extra lead time should we allow for shipments after Brexit?
At the moment, we feel that it’s prudent to build 1 day of extra time into your calculations. This extra lead time will need to be revised as soon as we have more clarity from the UK and EU Governments.

Q: Are we going to see shipment delays before Brexit?
At this stage, Brexit is not responsible for any delays. It may have an impact on shipments travelling through Port of Calais, Pembroke Dock, Eurotunnel or any other major EU/UK port as soon as more details about Brexit have been confirmed, but as of this moment we have had no notification of border control exercises, live drills or changes in ferry boarding procedures. Once further details emerge about what Brexit will look like in terms of customs controls, we may need to expect delays at specific ports; we are in consultation with a number of port authorities about this.

Q: Do we need to plan alternative routes for after Brexit?
It’s possible that, in a worst-case-scenario, it becomes impractical or cost-prohibitive for goods traveling from mainland Europe to Ireland (and vice versa) to pass through the UK. We have already carried out extensive route modelling in preparation for such an outcome. If you would like to get an idea of how alternative routes would impact your shipment plans, we can discuss this with you, but at this moment we expect to continue transporting cargo through the UK road network.

Q: When will we know more about Brexit?
We’re keeping a list of important Brexit dates, including EU summits and deal agreement deadlines, on our Brexit Calendar page.