Important dates relating to Brexit

The EU granted the UK a flexible Brexit Day extension to 31 October 2019. If the UK cannot agree to a withdrawal deal in time, then a no-deal Brexit could technically take place on this date.

There are a number of other important dates to keep an eye on:

Brexit: Dates To Watch

17 October 2019

A 2-day EU Summit is scheduled from 17 – 18 October. This is officially the last EU meeting before 31st October 2019, however an additional meeting may take place pending discussions in Westminster.

19 October 2019

If Boris Johnson can’t get a Brexit deal through the UK Parliament by this date, he is legally obliged to ask the EU for an extension, which could push Brexit Day back to January 2020 at the earliest.

31 October 2019

The date by which the UK is currently scheduled to leave the EU, deal or no deal.

31 December 2020

IF the UK agree to a deal, then it’s likely that there will be a transitional period to cover the months immediately following Brexit. The most likely date for this transition period to end is currently 31 December 2020, however this may change depending on negotiations between the UK and EU over the coming weeks.